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April 27, 2012


An Albuquerque hot dog vendor faces a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after police say he rammed his food cart into a competitor.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Hello, my name is Vincent Montoya. You ran over my father with a hot dog cart. Prepare to, um, suffer minor injuries.


We're having a "cart war" in my neighborhood. Seems some of the local restaurants (and in particular, a bar) object to a Halal food cart that (licensed by the city) parks on the sidewalk to sell its wares. One night after closing some unknown person(s) illegally installed two benches on the sidewalk where the guy usually parks. When he backed up next to the cart the bar owner tried to physically block him from parking there (note: do NOT bring your foot to stop a truck).

I expect an episode of Law & Order soon.

That should have been "next to the benches" up there.

If you ban food carts, only criminals will have food carts!

The battle between Oscar Meyer and Nathan's began this way.

Just two guys fighting over who's weenie was bogger?

I neant bigger in the preceding post. although boogers coudda been involved...


Actually bogger works!

I could tell 'em how to solve their problems ...

Got a hot dog deal that's not right?

Put mustard on it.

" Ramming speed !! " ( imagine rowing music from Ben Hur here )

Hot battle in a dog eat dog war.

The resulting legal action is being handled by Wiener and Boner, LLC.

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