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April 29, 2012


Kittery police battling aggressive tom turkey

(Thanks to Anne ["Not related to Mitt"] Romney)


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Mrs. Mitt, we know it's you.

"I hope I never see that turkey again."

A phrase I've used many times, but usually in the aftermath of an election.

One of our homes is a farm and we get turkeys passing through the yard regularly.
It's a bird, folks, and it apparently has a bigger pair than those people.

"Dispatch the bird ..."

Note to officers: that means shoot it, not send it out on a shoplifting call.

Or, it's a bureaucratic euphemism. "Some cop called to see if we did turkeys. I told him to dispatch his bird and stop bothering us."

... um ... two words: Turkey Hunters ...

Problem solved.

the aminal kingdom is trying to get back at us....

Must be missing its tryptophan.

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