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April 12, 2012


This is how.

ADVISORY: Not safe for work, unless you work with a lot of guys.

(Thanks to Larry Martell)


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All performances Sold Out on the world tour.

All I'm getting is a white blank in the middle of a bunch of words I don't understand.

jeff - it'th jeth thomeone playing a thong

Jeff-I strongly recommend that you find the video

Lirigl: outstanding comment.

I hope we don't C any minors watching this. (Yes, it is in C Minor)

Bravissimo! I want to give the lady a hand!

I thought La donna è mobile was by Verdi; I didn't know there was a Beethoven version.

I've always been fond of that particular movement

OK, got it this time.

Very impressive first and second movements.

Excellent choice of going "black tie" by the artist on First Chair ... um ... um ... Gluteus Maximi et Minimi

Whatever happened to a little eye candy for us ladies?

Thank goodness she didn't go for the wind instruments.

For Cindy: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/men-in-kilts

Performa (or is i t Perfume?) Maximus. Bravo!

Snork @Steve!

The bowtie was a nice touch!

Was she graduate of Italy's famed Badonkadonk school, or the equally reknown Cosi fan Tuchas Institute?

For the ladies. Not safe for work, play, or much of anything else.

Key quote:

la donna più nuda del mondo,

Shh! I'm watching listening....

All that's missing is Ron Jeremy with his baton. Directing.

♫ (_!_) ♫


Steve, I was thinking somewhat similar. Thankful it was not the 1812 Overture. Cannon shots could get messy.

Impressive muscle tone. Ah, mon cheri let us go to ze casaba and we will make beautiful music together.

Cindy: I don't think this video was eye candy so much as "WTF?!?!?"

Thanks blog guys. I'm a little down in the dumps. I found out the other day I need more surgery on my shoulder and back, an anonymous blog guy told me a few days ago that I make too many comments on the blog, and Dave doesn't like me anymore. He hasn't posted any of my stuff lately. You guys are the only thing that keeps me sane. I'm also sad because I had to do a spell check for the word 'anonymous'. Btw, I'll take any picture of John Cleese naked. As one of you put it the other day about some woman, hubba hubba!!

OOh, Cindy, sorry to hear that. Was the surgery not successful, or have you hurt it again?
If it is something you are doing, you may need to retrain yourself.
Due to a chronic hand problem, my handwriting is totally illegible.
But I can type.
Sometimes you need to get the same thing done but use different methods.
Good luck.

Don't feel bad Cin; I've sent in 1,0000000000000 stuffs and Dave's only posted 2 ...
Sorry ta hear about the surgery, and the spell check...

I tore both of my rotator cuffs back in October Steve. They aren't healing. All I did was pick up a heavy box and it completely dislocated one shoulder and partially dislocated the other. I didn't think it was that heavy either. Thanks for the kind words Wolfsong. I'm just having a pity party today.

Well ... I, for one, think y'all deserve a BUNCH of pity ... I've got a minor problem with the rotator cuff, and it's enuf pain ... I'm wonderin' how y'all manage to even move around, let alone can do even the minorest of household chores ...

Hmmmm...I work with a lot of guys, but not one of men at the monastery appreciated this.

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