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April 06, 2012


Although areas of the park were designated for different age groups, Allen said some parents insisted on accompanying their children in the egg-finding quest. Incidents occurred, he said, when parents became violent in an attempt to get eggs for themselves or their children.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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'tis the season for basket cases

Those terrorist baskets!

I was a few feet away from a Chuck E. Cheese today but fortunately escaped unharmed.

Violent egg hunt. Did anyone dye?

When I was young (prehistoric times), we kept our "egg hunting" private--only immediate family was involved. Certainly, with 4 kids, we had issues, but our parents took care of that quickly. Essentially, the best egg-finder shared with those less sneaky and swift--it worked out OK--but I was still the best egg-finder! I had to share a lot.

They should have a separate " stupid crap we all want to own when we're adults " hunt for the parents.

The other set of grandparents and I were watching our grandson at one of these. And I have to say the everyone was being good.
Partly, this was because we were busy with our 47 cameras, filming Lincoln do the traditional put-one-egg-in-the-basket-and-not-notice-that-two-dropped-out trick.
Ah, those Easter memories.

Did you get the latest L. L. Bean catalog? There's six pages devoted to egg hunting gear. I hope my egg hunting shorts get here today, or I won't be able to participate.

Omni, do they have a salt-shaker holster?

This Easter egg Hunt violence happened to me today in north miami

Two salt pockets, actually. One for plain iodized and one for fleur de sel, plus a combo mayo holder and egg knife in case you want to make salad in the field.

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