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April 19, 2012


A bodysuit for racehorses.


(Thanks to David Shelton)


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So Terrell Owens is trying for another comeback?

Hold still and stop kicking me in the face when I dress you up you horse's ass.

Next, makeup for Horses...on Live with Kelly and Whoever...

My wife wants one, because she's an old nag...

When I saw the title I though a Kardashian had taken up surfing. It's bad enough that I have to wear skintight neoprene...

Merely curious about the little white booties on the equine quadruped ... Prada? Can one get them in black?

Personally, I'm waiting for Flashdance style leg warmers.

S'Steve ... that product has been around fer awhile ... can't get pypetad to do the link, so try whinnywarmers.com ...

A good gag gift for a Secretary of State.

*SMACKS* Henny Youngman.

Good job, n'cin' ... Henny should'a said "young nag" ... right?

It takes 90 seconds to put it on? Pray how many people and how much anaesthesia would be involved in that little job?

O the Umanity...

Thanks for the tip. Now my horse can be a maniac.

And Clankie...

Don't you mean "the Secretariat of State"?

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