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April 28, 2012


Stressed-out penguins on the mend

(Thanks to Ralph)

We saw them open for the Strawberry Alarm Clock.


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People probably don't think about it much but animals do get stressed. So great they are on the mend

Probably stressed from having to wear that formal attire all the time... need to switch it out for a wife beater and some board shorts.

That's funny, because I saw them open for Tranquilised Bear.

I agree with Punkin. I just hope they don't start wearing those big pants that show your underwear.

"Penguins only lay eggs when they feel happy enough to do so."

Whoever produced " John Carter " must be very happy.

My question is: how do they know that when they
stop doping them it won't cause more stress?

Sometimes we need less chemical dependence and
just good conversation and hugs.

Or they could just tranquelize them with darts, right, Jeff?

..and one of the penguins said to another, "You look like your wearing a Tuxedo." And the other penguin said...


I thought it was a story about nuns.

*jumps into handbasket*

In New Zealand we would have offered them counseling and an en enclosure with Barry Manilow music. Because we care.

And the other penguin said...

"What about you? You walk funny."

I thought I saw them open for Simon and Garfunkel.

They had to be given anti-depressants? I thought it was just ice cream.

Jeff ... that bear wuz "a huge, 200 pound" bear?

That's not huge. That's barely more than a baby.

Perty easy to impress sum of these media gawks, eh?

Hey Jeff been thinking of you.

*waves at Mad*

Say 'hi' to Mike and Zoe.

Xanax on ice is nice.

I just want to curse the "doo-dah" meme. My mental jukebox has been grinding out the title song since 9 a.m. yesterday.

To try to save my sanity I had to add a first line:
"Here's a song without an end...DD, DD
Stressed-out penguins on the mend...Oh, the DD day."

You're welcome.

Ack! Earworm! Earworm!

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