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April 24, 2012


We do not.


(Thanks to funny man)


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Doesn't look like a vintage Camaro. ( Maybe if it was right side up and not half under water.... )

Only a '67 Camaro could do 65mph in swimming pool.

Mark Spitz must have been driving.

"I figure the pool will cost $20,000 or $30,000, somewhere between $50,000 and $75,000 I'd say."
The pool is getting more expensive by the minute.

I'm thinkin' that with all the stuff he went past, over or thru, he got a LOT of distance on that drive ...

just keep him outta the gene pool

Yup. Everyone knows it's Mississippi.

Judge #4 gave him a 9.5, the rest were 9.8.

"Who's da u-boat commander?"

'67? The driver escaped before it went into the pool?
"Scottie, beam me up! The natives are hostile and I've gone warp speed into some sort of bathing apparatus."

Someone's got some 'splainin to do...

I wonder if he read Neal Stephenson's SNOW CRASH.

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