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April 29, 2012


A dentist pulled out all her ex-boyfriend’s teeth after he dumped her for another woman – who has now left him because he is toothless.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody, Janice Gelb and DavCat)


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Isn't "Toothless" the sequel to "Breathless?"

Most people have to pay extra for that.

I think it's the sequel to "Brainless," Horace. I cannot believe he was stupid enough to put himself in her hands.

That Gary Puckett dude is not even real.

I hear the new girl friend is rather toothsome...

Could be worse. She could have been a urologist.

Bet that gummed things up.

After reading all the stories about women getting revenge on men, I'm surprised that you guys haven't turned the other way. NTTAWWT. It would probably be a lot safer though.

Not all professions are so immediately obviously capable of doing harm as dentistry. For example, I'd have to give some hypothetical ex really bad process improvement advice, I suppose. Somehow, not quite as satisfying.

Omni' ... well, his "dental process" could definitely use sum "improvement" ... if y'all wanna expand yer venue of operations ... merey tryin' to help here ...

Cindy, I could never rip out the teeth or organs from any of my ex-girlfriends, not even an appendix. Do you think I am a monster?

He loves me, he loves me not; he loves me, he loves me not....

I love him, I love him NOT, I love him, I love him NOT....

... um ... merely guessin' here, but I'd be guessin' on the side of "NOT" ...

Elon, only if you're a surgeon and are refusing to do life saving surgery on her. Ex-girlfriends? I find that hard to believe.

Are you saying I am such a great guy that no one would break up with me? Or that I am such a dweeb, no one would date me? Or both?

Well, technically I broke up twice, so the plural is applicable. It's a very tragic story.

It's a good thing she wasn't his proctologist.

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