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April 28, 2012


The lawsuit said Galbreath instructed David to have X-rays taken at a chiropractor's office, rather than at an emergency room. David had the X-rays taken at a nearby chiropractic center and brought them back for Galbreath to read, it said. Galbreath spotted the screwdriver "on the stomach" and instructed David to eat a diet high in fiber and to look for the screwdriver after bowel movements.

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner and Sharon [The Minx] Lurie)


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You can never find one of those really small screw drivers when you need it.

She suffered "loss of her ability to make money"? As what - a sword swallower?

Did he charge her for the screwdriver?

Why was a dentist using a screwdriver?

Someone will lose his left nut over this.

I'll bet it was no fun for Ms. David.

My left lower quandrant keeps wanting to check out, and I have to remind it that it is not a hotel.

That dentist is going to get screwed. What goes around, comes around. Or so my mother always said.

Shoddy reporting -- what kind of screw was the screwdriver designed for: slotted, phillips, torx, or something else?

Scary quote: "Galbreath did not return a message left at his Nicholasville Road practice ..."

The dentist practices on a road? Um ... growing trend for "drive-thru" businesses ... but this is goin' beyond the beyond ...

Well, the fear and discomfort would've been bad enough, but the ewww-yuck factor of having to screen/scan/sift through every vowel movement for a month can hardly be compensated for in a court of law.

Shoot, I've been taking fiber to get cleaned out.
Why am always late on these research reports?

I can't imagine how intoxicated I'd have to get for anyone to convince me enough to eat a screwdriver.

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