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April 28, 2012


Yesterday was National Hairball Awareness Day.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Donald Trump and Blago were co-chairs.

Also this guy.


*cough* Um, sorry. Just step around that.

All three of my cats celebrated.

Trust me, if your cat has hairballs, you already know.

( 3 AM ) " Hukka... Hukka...Hukka... Bleeeah ! "

TV shows that never were, but I wish they'd been:

Oprah celebrates National Hairball Day by pointing to
the audience and saying "You get a free hairball, and
you get a free hairball, and YOU get a free hairball,
and everyone's getting a free hairball!"

Trump and Gingrich are out of the race now, so hairball awareness is less crucial than it was.

I thought maybe it was a celebration of 80's hair bands.

Followed by the day we dog owners follow:

National Hump Your Leg Awareness Day.

Forget cats; they hork up small change. For the real deal, try ungulates.

*snork* at Mikey

For the first time, I'm glad my ex got the cats. Ever notice how they will DRAG themselves to the nearest carpet before they hurk? I sleep like the dead, but that sound is the only one that'll wake me up every time. I so don't miss that. But I miss my kitties *sniff*.

When is Scuzzball Awareness Day?

I din't hafta check ... I don't have any hairballs ...
(whut's left of my hair is ... not much) ... don't have any cats, either ...

Mebbe I should get one, so the dogs can have a playmate?

Hey, ubetcha, have you ever had a grass-eating dog?
He'll start "urch-ing" like he's about to die, SIX inches from the door but run like hell when you get up to let him out.
He just KNOWS that there's valuable rug in the house that could be worth a lot more green.

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