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April 22, 2012


A commemoration of the Titanic features a giant urinating puppet.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Isn't this dumb for a statue?

I disagree. When I hear a touching story about an uncle searching in vain for his daughter, urinating colossi are the first things that come to mind.

Can we borrow that for the political conventions this Summer ?

Patrick Smith, a puppeteer from Royal De Luxe, said: "We have had a pleasant walk with the giants in Liverpool and met many people along the way.

"Many people were really surprised when the Little Girl Giant urinated but a lot of them were delighted and they shouted as if it was a Beatles' show.

"It's what little girl do - even giant little girls - and all of the giants have many other surprises in store for the people of Liverpool."

I am reliably informed that little girls sh|t, too.
Why not try that next?

The French (somehow) were (apparently) behind this ... why should we be surprised?

I had another thot, but it's disrespectful ... toward the "creators" that obviously hold the memory of those who died in very low esteem ... so I won't say it here ... but I'll think it ...


the french approved? 'oui oui'!

Sunk to a new low?

The French consulate staff were laughung their heads off, saying "I urinate in your general direction"...

I'd rather watch a giant puppet urinate all day long than hear "My Heart Will Go On" even one more time.

Maybe the "...creators of the Sea Odyssey giants..." should sit in chairs under the giant's rear end, since it appears they are indistinguishable from ...

Proving the arts aren't totally devoid in Great Britain. Mmm, not so much.

Liverpool, Capital of Culture. Well if that's your idea of culture then I'm proud to call myself an uncultured lout.

Are urinating puppets related to auroras around Uranus?

Seems that the one that soiled her pants was busy in Blackpool.

And here we have an interesting example of the early 21st century goddess, Urea. It is generally believed that it was the central figure in a population dominated by older men with prostate problems.

"It's what little girl do - even giant little girls - and all of the giants have many other surprises in store for the people of Liverpool."

It's what little girls do? In public? Really?
No wonder parts of Paris France stink.
Should we be encouraging young girls to do this (publically)?

To me "other surprises" sounds like war has been declared.

I am absolutely with pad on the whole "preferring pee to Celine" thing.

Also, Uncle O, I will say that I don't think disrespect is intended, even if it's not how we would choose to depict a celebratory event. I could see how they would think that part a bit of whimsy or even realism depending on their viewpoint.

Just because it doesn't appeal to me doesn't make it not art, you know?

yeah, i suppose flowers and church music would be a fitting remembrance of the dead folk - but who would pay attention to that? and whose to say that you couldn't choose the wrong flowers, (or music) and still get somebody's nose out of joint?

if you don't like art, make better art.

FTR, I wuzn't worried about disrespect fer the victims, merely that my disrespect fer the "artists" might be construed as such directed @ them that perished ... y'all know Moi ... cautious and polite ... (and it wuz really sorta snidely nasty) ...


O the U...If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that they started from the premise of "how to depict innocent life, of the kind that was lost"...and what could be more innocent than a small child who's so carefree and unabashed that she pees wherever she is?

That said, I'm afraid I had to think a LONG time to get there, after my initial reaction of "Back to the Pull-Up Pampers; and who's gong to pay for THIS colossal dry-cleaning bill?"

Diva said:- "Just because it doesn't appeal to me doesn't make it not art, you know?"

To which I respond that just because one can do it doesn't mean that one should.

What does an incontinence child have to do with the Titanic disaster?

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