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April 27, 2012


Kesha has posted a picture of herself urinating in the street.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Isn't this the half-wit who spells her name with a dollar sign? I have to post this quickly before our legal department adds her to the Kardashian ignore-on-sight list.

Omni, I'm with your legal department on this one. I almost sent it in yesterday but...really, who cares? Besides I had more important stories I needed to send.

And on the latter I would advise all men: do NOT click on that story.


Where do the celebritai get so cultured?

She was posing for a statue commemorating the Titanic.

BTW, I couldn't remember what the peeing statue was supposed to commemorate, so I did a search on This Blog for "peeing" and got, oh, roughly, 80 kazillion hits. Now what does that say about This Blog as a culture?

pad' ... um ...

We gotta go ... REAL BAD! ... ? ? ?

That Depends (tm) padraig....it all Depends (tm)

We met when we were both peeing into a sink

The same one? At the same time? Where are the pictures of THAT?

OK ... ignore the fact that a LOT of folks will "pee in a sink" (not to mention those brief stops alongside major highways) ... and the fact that Twitter and all the other "instant media" stuff wuzn't around 50 years ago ...

Then ask, "Who among is not guilty of such socially improper behavior?"

On second thot, don't ask ...

OtheU, years ago I worked with a guy who was rather prudish. Another co-worker, a "good-ole-boy" once insulted him by saying, "Ya know what? You're the kinda guy that gets outta the shower to piss."

LZ, if he'd really wanted to insult the prude, he'd have told him he was uglier than death backin' out of an outhouse readin' Mad magazine.

Those good ol' boys don't mess around.

Layz' ... that's perty stern stuff, as pad' sez, they don't mess around ...

Except with me ... (HAR!) (Nah, I think I can give back as good as I get ... so I don't let that sort bother me too much ... even when I get outta the shower to ... um ... OH! SHINY!!!)


Why don't we do it in the road?

OtU, we probably all have done something like this, but context is everything.

One time my 7-year-old son and I were driving through Missouri where the rural roads are designated by letters, and we both REALLY had to go, and we saw a road marked "PP," so...

But we doggone sure didn't take pictures and send them to complete strangers.

I had a similar response after actually trying to listen to her music.

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