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April 26, 2012


Wear a helmet.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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He lays that bike down and she's gonna have the Road Rash From Hell.

"So he gave her a warning and a ticket and told her and her companion to ride on."

I thought a warning meant no punishment. Wouldn't it be redundant?


I agree wiredog. I use to be a biker and I always wore a helmet and protective clothing. However, one day I got stuck on I-77 in Charlotte during rush hour, between two 18 wheelers, and I had a major religious experience. I made a pact with God if he got me out of there alive I would never get on another one and I never have.

Hmm... my pact involved a 1991 Honda Accord with problematic brakes.

Guess, sex appeal doesn't get you out of tickets after all. Those Romanians are incorruptible.

Stupid blurred photography! If you can't hold the camera steady, USE A TRIPOD.


I thought it was just me aging eyes, Curtis.

LA (Out where I refuse to admit I live) just required all porn actors to also wear a "helmet".

Aye, a helmet is essential protection these days for nude motorcycling. With the internets never forgetting things, you want a helmet to cover yer face so you don't have to explain embarrassing u-tube videos to the grand kids.

That foto isn't exactly "blurred" ... the operator must've decided to use the infamous "digital zoom" feature ... and seein' these results, y'all now know why it's mere hype, and werthless fer takin' good, clear pix ...

Lady Godriva

PirateBoy we don't live in exactly the same place! I'm not over by UCLA. Where aren't you?

My biggest "hog" was a 50cc Yamaha that would do 35 downhill with a good wind at my back.
On occasion, due to gravel on the road, it would just lie down and keep doing 35.
I learned to climb on top of the reclining bike and enjoy the slide.
Until it flipped.

We just dumped our helmet law up here in the real mitten-shaped state, but the climate precludes going this far. If you rode nude for any length of time in Michigan, you wouldn't have to worry about explaining Utube videos to your grandkids, since you wouldn't be having any.

Although Mrs. Omni and I rode for many years and tens of thousands of miles, I can only recall about 10 minutes of riding time when I felt fewer clothes would have been better than more.

All I can say is that it's about time a young woman was the one being naked instead of an old man.

Any wonder where the rear-view mirrors are pointing? I'd have done a lip skid within 2 minutes.

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