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April 29, 2012


Trucker 'didn't notice wheel fall off'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hey, you can't expect him to keep track of every little thing. Sheesh.

I agree with Jeff. I can either drive, text, put on my makeup, talk on the phone, and flip other drivers off OR I can make sure all the wheels are on the car. I can only do so much at one time.

I might understand if it were one of the dually rear wheels (there's 8 of them to keep track of, fercryinoutloud), but that was a front wheel!

He had 3 points put on his license? How many points til he earns a secret decoder ring?

I was riding in a friend's VW when I mentioned the car felt like it was slipping on turns.
We stopped and checked. Two lug nuts were left on one rim, and they were loose. Amazingly enough, all the others had fallen off within two blocks of our stop. We found them all.
I suspected sabotage. But that didn't explain the hole in the back seat floor, the battery that kept catching fire, or the missing gas gauge.
Maybe it was just a primitive car.

There's an old George Booth cartoon with one of his death-of-a-salesman characters sitting in a chair with an ice bag on his head and a dazed look. His wife is on the phone saying, "Yesterday, Harry said he was going to, quote, Run the old car until the wheels fell off, unquote, and this morning, at 7:47 AM, they did."

With a rig such as that in the foto (a "tandem-axle" ... also referred to as a "twin-screw" by truckers, nevermind why), the weight of the cargo would balance the truck enuf so that the front wheel, while not being actually superfluous, is less than 100 percent necessary, under limited conditions ...

I've been near trucks (on the road) when they lost a wheel ... NOT a place I'd choose to be, given a choice ... unfortunately, bein' so near to the Oil Patch here, and the astronomical increase in traffic volume, a lotta the drivers are in a similar condition as this guy ... asleep @ the wheel ... so, it's a random happening when 400# of steel and rubber come across the yellow line and leap into yer windshield ...

"'I could have sworn it was there when I set off,' he told officers." Truckers should have the same routine as pilots: a pre-trip czech list.

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