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March 29, 2012


The 20-year-old woman filled a small vodka bottle with somebody else's urine and paced it in her vagina...  However, the pee inside the vodka bottle failed the test, which led to her arrest.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Somebody needs a better class of friends...

Just a hint: do not take them up on their offer to "check out the scan" - at least not before breakfast.

Hard to believe such a well thought out plan failed.

And wouldn't the tester have become suspicious when the lady reached down to "pop" the cork??

Maybe she forgot herself and took a swig?

Maybe she forgot to rinse the bottle before refilling it.

Surprisingly her own urine was clean.

Oh what a wet web we weave when we intend to deceive?

How did she explain the bottle when it fell out?

Easy, funny man: "That's not mine."


No wait, North Dakota

"...she paced it in her vagina."

? ? ?

Yes. One must take one's time.

Yeah, right, MikeyVA ... up here, we use small rye-whiskey bottles, smuggled in frum Canada ...

Jeff ... uh-huh ... the "scan" wuz not exactly whut I envisioned ... um ... "urp" ... nevermind ...

Obviously, she'd never heard of this ...

Before I clicked on the link, I thought she was trying to pass a drug test TO GET AN ACTUAL JOB. I am so naive.

That's like giving the cops a false name and choosing one who has multiple felony warrants.

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