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March 30, 2012


You can buy driving test answers before exam

(Thanks to R & L Stevenson)


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The station said it was able to buy copies of the test, complete with answers, for about $30 from driving school instructors

...who will then give you the driving test, and a price list.

I'm hoping the exams are also multiple-guess.

Fat lot of good that will do.

"Turn left. Then stop for the pedestrians."

"Great. How?"

What good is all that if you can't read ?

*Rememberin' teachin' daughters how to drive ... and the huge sense of relief when they all failed their behind-the-wheel test the first time they tried to pass it ... taught 'em a bit of humility, wuz whut it did ... THEN they listened to whut Dad had to say! Son #1 wuzn't any better, and THAT saved on the insurance premiums!*

Where were they when I was "helping" my daughters with homework?
And did you know that the written form of math has changed since I was a student in the middle ages? Well, that's how old I felt.

I also failed my first driving test. I ran the stop sign in front of the highway patrol office. I cried for a couple of days but the next time I took the test I almost put the examiner through the windshield when I braked at the same stop sign. I didn't want there to be any questions as to whether or not I stopped.

So that means the exam is uh..mainly a formality?

No wonder everyone and his mama got, or wanna get, an FDL!

I took driver's ed in high school, but I didn't have a car and didn't take the test until I was a senior in college. There was a dog sitting in the middle of the road on a side street, so I stopped and honked. It didn't move, so I drove around it. To this day I still don't know if that was a planned part of the test, but I passed.

So, essentially, Florida is testing whether you can come up with $30. Got it.

"What... does... a... yellow... light... mean?"

I parked in a "no parking zone" (yellow-painted curb) for my test. When the examiner told me, I looked and saw one (1) fleck of yellow paint left on a totally crumbled curb.
I didn't pass the first time.

True or false: wearing clothing while driving in FL is optional.

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