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March 29, 2012


Bastard cabbage attacks!

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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New Austin Powers bad guy ?

Since it's in Austin, bastard cabbage could refer to LBJ

Actually (and not funny, sorry), this is a perty well-written description of the problems that we face with all sorts of invasive plant species. Change the name of the weed for different parts of the country, and it's a universal problem.

All the possible options are mentioned, and the emphasis on public awareness could be even stronger, given the tendency of average folks to think an invasive plant is "nice looking" and they'd like to plant it in their garden or flowerbed.

(I offer these comments as a professional weed-eradicator ... merely sayin' ...)

/end non-humor ... back to the fun ...

next: the killer tomatoes...

Sounds like they're getting to the bottom of the barrel for military operation code names.

I saw Bastard Cabbage open for Kale-C and the Sunshine Band.
(I sent this in to the Blog last night.)

Couldn't they just plant some kudzu to control the problem?

NMUA ... I'm sorry to say that's often whut's done to alleviate a problem ...

(And I know yer suggestion wuz intended as bein' a tad facetious ... )

A) the lovely Mrs. Thunking Korean.
2) Koreans (and me, by default) eat kimchi
iii) Kimchi is fermented cabbage, garlic and spices
fore) Fermented cabbage makes me gassy
E) The gas is potent
VI) Mrs. Thunking frequently flashed me the look-of-death and says, "Bastard."

'nuff sed.

My grandfather in Georgia use to say that kudzu was taking over the world. You don't plant kudzu NMUA. You just think about it and it grows.

Urine Egg Garden has a great Bastard Cabbage salad with all the refills you can stand eat.

Bastard cabbage? That must the the one with the leaves they find all those babies under.

Fatherless offspring
Destined to be vegetables
Against nature'slaw

High 5 fer ligirl! Nice werk!

Very cool. Masaoka Shiki could not have said it better.

I'm sure it's better than son-of-a-witch-peas.
Or carrots. I can't think of a name bad enough for carrots.
I know I'm venting but, unfortunately, that happens when I eat those foods.

Steve I feel the same way about brussel sprouts.

Guess what's imminent.

More allergies?

Corned beef and bastard cabbage.


It's against slaw to plant.

ligirl ...

even lame comment
may transcend banality
in hands of expert

(also *snork*)

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