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March 31, 2012


Give it up for Scrotal Support Garment.

(Thanks to funny man)


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*waiting to see how nursecindy provides this important care*

I can't give away all my secrets Scott. Is there any way we can bribe request that the patent office reject Borat altogether?

I thought someone already invented the jock strap.

Mebbe not.

Maybe he can get it patented in Khazakstan.

Is it fair to call it an "elongated" men's thong?

And who'd have thunk there was sumething wrong with this thong...?

(me, for one...)

I wuz wonderin' about that, Wolfie ...

When I wuz in HS & college, a jock wuz enuf ... none of my schoolmates wuz so overly endowed that they needed "shoulder support" to carry the load ...

Any chance you still have his phone number OtU? For research purposes only you understand.

... um ... Canadian ... if that makes any difference, y'know ... eh?

If I support mine any more, I'll have to pay alimony.

That'll save Charlie Rangel some money.

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