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March 31, 2012


Kate Winslet: Celine Dion’s ‘Titanic’ Song Makes Me Want to Throw Up

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I feel the same way about Debbie Boone's song You Light Up My Life. Unfortunately they now play it on a commercial for face lifts.

Me too with American Pie!

Hate that stupid song. "Drive my Chevy to the Levee , BUT the levee was dry. It better be, FOOL, or you have New Orleans during Katrina.
Don McLean you had better stay away from me.

Oh, and "A Horse with No Name!"

No Wait! Wildfire. Horse got lost in s killing frost! WHAT????? Killing frosts occur on CLEAR NIGHTS!

Did I say I HATED American Pie?

Perhaps Kate Winslet's acting has a similar effect on Celine Dion.......

NOT (he hastens to add) that I'm a fan of Celine Dion.......

So MikeyVA, in other words, break a leg Wildfire? I believe that was in Dave Barry's Book Of Bad Songs. I listen to the Oldies Classic Rock station in the car. They played "Precious And Few" the other day and I almost broke my finger trying to turn the radio off. I had forgotten how very much I hate that song.

I'd rather listen to Kate Winslet throwing up than that song.

"Precious" makes my teeth hurt.

We have had the Beatles era, the big band, crap, and the pretentious, smarmy, crap era into which these songs belong."

OOPS I broke the thread

There. Hope I fixed it. Learned by trail and error.

Back to topic: Don McLean is a fine singer, but I don't don't think Am.Pie is his best. But it was his most commercial, at a time when many young people were stoned questioning their values. Or stupid.

But Dreidel, If We Try, Castles IN Sand are GREAT!

Her disdain is understandable ... many artists (vocal ones in particular) get VERY tired of their "standards" ... they've played/sung 'em THOUSANDS of times more than we've heard 'em ... they've gotta be tired of 'em ... but that's whut the (paying) audience wants, so they (we) usually get 'em ...

One favorite of mine (most-played on my eyePod and eyeTunes files) would be "nice" to hear, done by the original group ... but I don't think they've still got the drugs that wuz available when they recorded it ... so, I listen to "oldies" ... sue me ...

And Honey I miss you...


Yeah, Mikey, "A Horse With No Name" is pretty moronic (where "Wildfire" is just cloyingly awful).

Favorite line in the former: "The ocean is the desert with its life underground..."

I mean, WTFBBQ does that even mean?

And don't even get me started on "not even the chair."

Woman of my dreams. I have the same reaction to Celine Dion.

Kate should be thankful she wasn't in " George of the Jungle ".

We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun...

yeah i never get tired of hearing rich and famous people complaining about their fans either (eyeroll).

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