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March 27, 2012


Medical Marijuana Deliveryman Robbed By Baton-Wielding Ninjas In West Covina

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown and Loudmouth)


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I tried to Google the West Covina baton-wielding Ninjas, but they could not be found.

Well played, Ninjas.

They'll deliver the Dorit0's with it, if you ask.

Yes, but that undermines the "taking it for my health" defense, Meanie.

Ninjas in the Grass.

What do you tip your marijuana delivery-hippie? A lungful?

if the Ninjas were disquised how did the delivery guy know they were in their twenties?

Inside job.

Tong Fa & the Medical Marijuana Deliveryman WBAGBFA Jackie Chan movie.

Just sayin'.

I also vote for inside job.

DrPat - as with nearly all medicines, there are side effects, in this case the well-known increase in appetite. Dorit0s, despite all their subnutritious qualities, are a fully justifiable (and reimbursable through health insurance) remedy for this particular side effect.

I believe the Supreme Court may be addressing this as we speak, in fact.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - Splendor is the Grass.

(Sorry, that sounds like a Rocky and Bullwinkle reference!)

I would have liked to have seen that. I worked with several cancer patients that were on medical marijuana and strong painkillers like Dilaudid. They kept these drugs at home. We always told them to never tell anyone about their medications but someone always had to brag and usually ended up getting robbed. I was in a home giving a very sick man some Dilaudid I.V. one evening and two men were trying to break into the house. I called 911, mentioned what I had, and within about 5 minutes it looked like every cop in town was in the front yard. I was dating a cop at the time so I got special treatment I guess. The robber ended up being the man's son and his friend. I just couldn't believe that a son would try to steal his dying father's pain medication. Sorry this is so long.

I, also, suspect "inside job" ... however ... that foto of the "reporter" looks as tho he is perty happy ... mebbe he's in on the heist?

10 pm and he is walking around with a big bag of marijuana. Hmmm?
What was the medical condition? Atlete's foot?

Dude! Time for a refill! and bring a delivery guard!
(And some pizza!!!)

In SoCal, Marijuana delivery people often are accompanied by armed guards. Trying to hijack them has occasionally been fatal to the thieves.

As I read the article (hastily, I admit) I couldn't conclude that the ninjas actually got away with the weed. They approached the courier, and he dropped it and fled, or so it says.

So there have to be two theories of the crime: 1) yes, the ninjas did in fact rob him, or 2) he smoked the week and ninjas were the best story he could come up with, post-smokage.

"You'll be thinking of something like a plate of shrimp, and somebody'll say 'shrimp' or 'plate of shrimp.' No explanation. And no reason to look for one, either."

Or somebody'll say "week" instead of "weed."

Cindy, that is horrible. Have some respect, teenagers! Steal your dying father's dying friend's pain medication.

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