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March 26, 2012


Austrian saws off own foot to avoid work

(Thanks to jon harris)


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It only proves he can work with his hands.

should have paid him more not to work.

Wow, he even anticipated that rescuers might find his foot and try to have it re-attached, so he made really sure he wouldn't be forced back to work, by tossing his foot in the oven!

I say, give that man a hand. Er, foot!

*snork* at Punkin

Perhaps a tad extreme?

Gotta Gotta cut loose!...Footloose...!

What were they going to do to him if he refused to go back to work that made this seem like a good idea?

Seems to me that a bit of schnapps might've been involved ...

Based on his behavior, he was already unfit.

Ah, the Python and Terry Gilliam references just come flooding in. Think of Jabberwockey and the character of The Wat Dabney, inventor of the inverted firkin, or Cleese at the 27th Silly Olympiad: "Oh, it's enough to make you chew your own foot off!"

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