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March 28, 2012


British Man Has Pool Cue Tip Removed From Brain after Accidentally Skewering Himself

(Thanks to Dan Barr)


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Yes, Sir ... one Singha and an order of idiot satay. Let me just see if there's any idiot left.

I didn't know it was loaded...


As we used to chant after a bad sports call in high school: Elevator, elevator, he got the shaft!

He's got too much hair on his head to be called "cueball" ... so ... I must conclude that -- amazingly -- alcohol may have been involved ...

momma always said not to stick those Q-tips in too far...

Mom warned us about running with pool cues.

I think there should be a rule about overly clumsy people playing sports.

Hey, at least he didn't use the excuse that he fell down on it like those guys with the cell phones up their... oh, wait, it was stuck in his brain. Never mind.

Man! Will we never run out of orifices into which to introduce inappropriate objects?!

Well, Curtis, that brings up a question for Nursecindy: Have you ever seen another visit to your ER from someone experiencing a repeat episode of bum-per cars?
Or do they learn early that drop-pants-insert-random and inappropriate-object is unwise?

Steve -- Prior to n'cin' answerin' (but not to preempt or preclude her response), I'd surmise that an old adage might be appropriate ...

"Some folks never learn."

At least he had Leeds' crack medical team working on him.

That's a definite scratch.

"No. 4 in the corner socket."

Whew, I'm glad they cleared that up! For a minute there, I thought he'd skewered himself on purpose!

Yup, the things guys seem to poke themselves with...

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