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March 29, 2012


Man wakes to find front lawn stolen

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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*sigh* Dave deleted the duplicate post that contained my pithy comment, and now I'm just too tired.

Punkin, now it's even pithier!

*GLARES* at Dave for deleting Punkin's pithy prose. As for the lawn thieves, string 'em up.

I would check with the local football club. 35 more capers and they have a full pitch.

This seemed like quite a feat, until reading:
(1) it was artificial grass, and
(2) it was only 9 square meters.

I'd immediately investigate all miniature golf courses in the area.

There seems to be a thief out there for everything.

Let's see 9 square meters, square root, carry the 10, divide by the nth degree x 98.33 sq ft =
about 9 ft x 9 ft.

Kinda small.

MikeyVA nailed it! Photo and more here.

I suspect garden gnomes. They always pull pranks.

I would check the beds of pick-up trucks as I understand some people put AstroTurf in the back of their pick-ups and it is enough to cover 3 pick-up truck beds. The AstroTurf prevents luggage from getting scuffed I hear.

"GET OFF MY LAWN !" Let see em steal Dirty Harry's lawm by golly.

Sodding Thieves!

He's shirley a sentient being. After 2 or 3 more such "pranks" he'll probly switch to the more-difficult-to-steal real grass.

The frontier is always lawnless.

Max --
Jeff Foxworthy was at an event in DC during the Clinton era when he used the line

If your truck has astroturf in the bed, you might be a redneck.

The two Clinton women in the front row almost died laughing and a president blushed -- something that apparently did not happen a lot.

At the end, President Clinton defended himself by saying that he bought it used and the previous owner had been the decorator. One of the best comedic moments in my lifetime.

And most remarkably of all, this didn't happen in Flathead County.

"I said, 'Sod the lawn,' and the bastards took me literally!"

And now the old sod is pinin' for his old sod.

OtH, as one of a minority of people in SE Michigan who know what the Brits mean by "sod," I find myself frequently amused by the US usage. Up in the North Detroit suburbs, along a major road, there's an establishment whose only sign just reads "SOD." I always smile as I drive by.

Omni' ... I'd have a similar response when I wuz werkin' in the SW ... drivin' past "sod farms" out there in the desert ... or seein' a truck with "Custom Sodding" on the door ...

NMUA, thanks for that, I only knew the original story and the luggage explanation. I like the decorator one better.

"pointing the blame at a group of thieves with a vehicle, BBC News reported" Astute observation. Law enforcement would be a lot easier if thieves would act alone and travel on foot.

I saw this on an episode of Lawn Order.

*snork* @ Meanie.

Punkin, are you pithed off?

hellowannaWatch the funny video on "Oh Funny Tv"




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