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March 28, 2012


Chicago Man Spotted With Pork Chops In His Pants Arrested For Shoplifting

(Thanks to Rich Alpin)


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Did the pork chops cause the spots? Shoddy reporting.

Police witnessed him removing packages of meat from his pants...

Whoa, that sounds more like indecent exposure than shoplifting!

Purloined Pork Loins WBAGNFARB

Did they get him for "stuffing" too?

We don't want to know where he put the applesauce!

O'er the ham parts....

Is that a pork chop in your pocket or are you just happy to soooooo-IEEEEEE me?

Are those "western style ribs" in your pants or...

Some people never loin.

The " other " white meat ?

Is that a pork chop in your pants or......just pork?

Gives a whole new meanin' to porkin', as in foodin'

I saw Spotted Pork Chops open for the Strawberry Alarm Clock

As we remember from a while back, women are better at spotting snakes, so the question here is, who spotted the chops, and what was his/her gender?

Wait, what? The pork chops were arrested for shoplifting?

But they didn't find the cleverly hidden barbecue sauce, did they?

Dibs on the new TV hit "Shoplifters".

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