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March 16, 2012


Sneeze causes accident that knocks out power in Winona

(Thanks to Fred Hudson)


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Which is why sneezes must be banned!

They are extremely dangerous.

Once sneezes are outlawed, etc etc etc.

Blow your nose, and not your life.

[A public service announcement by your powerful overlords. And remember, Pepper is nothing to sneeze at.]

You got my sympathy Travers. I just got over a nasty, nasty cold that is making its way through the family and stage one is sneezing fits that just about make you pass out.

A Winona Rider sneezed?

Oh, it was a Winona Driver? That makes it bigger news.

A box of Sud@fed and a Florida license are on the way.

I bet it was really a squirrel, and the are just covering up for the little rodent bastards.

Sneezing, the gateway activity to terrorism.

She blew my nose and then she blew all the power to town.-Honky Tonk Woman original lyrics.

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