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March 09, 2012


On Thursday evening, 607 revelers packed a downtown city block and donned chicken beaks, clucking their way to the record for the most people wearing animal noses at a single venue.

(Thanks to Dan Barr)


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So ... now there's 607 chickens without beaks in Michigan ...

I think the Panama City Beach bikini record was MUCH more interesting... *S*

Hey, anything to honor Gilda Radner is alright by me. Loved Roseanne Roseannadana.

*polishing seats on the bus for anyone who wants to join me*

A record... until the conventions this Summer.

"It was incredible," and I can well believe it was.
Oh, NO! My computer just blew a logic circuit just like on Star Trek.

Some people will use ANY excuse for revelry.

As long as they don't do it on my LAWN!

Kind of a letdown as a followup to their mass lipsync of American Pie.

"Revelry," like "ribaldry," is actually forbidden by law in Grand Rapids. The reporter probably mis-heard someone say "Rabblery," which is not only permissible but encouraged.

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