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March 31, 2012


Police have arrested a Medford, Ore., man accused of firing two shots into the air to quiet a pair of neighborhood children playing outside his trailer.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

A Colorado man was sentenced to five years' probation after accidentally shooting a woman whose red mohawk he mistook for a fowl that had been harassing his cats.

(Thanks to Greermac)


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A red Mohawk! Give him a medal.

As for the kids making noise, that are what shotguns are for. And keeping them off of your lawn (you know who I am talking about)

The South is calling. We want our rednecks back.

'Police officers also found a bag of suspected methamphetamine near where she was shot.'

drugs along the mohawk

He was trying to solve the noise problem permanently, but missed.

I always like John Wayne's spirit of "Shoot Furst and ask questions later",

but I could never find out who or
where Furst was.

And Violence begets violins. Proceed at your own risk.

funny man, that great American Alan Sleighbell, Zwieback that co-authored that book with Dave wrote it best for Emily Littela: And in other news, there's too much violins on TV. They should put the violins on at eleven after the kids are asleep. I miss Gilda Radner.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... too much "serious" stuff connected with either of these events ... besides, y'all all tooken the best lines ...

Yeah, n'cin' ... I also miss Gilda ... hers wuz a view of the ridiculousness of the world that ... well ... nevermind ...

Mohawk then no mo-hawk.

'mohawk he mistook for bird...'

No, hawk

( - where, wolf?)

There castle. Why are we talking like this?

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