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March 29, 2012


Kazakhstan Taxes Manure

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"We're not gonna take this sh1t anymore!"

They actually do this in Minnesota, too.

Instead of a monetary tax, though, the MN Dept. of Revenue agent comes and confiscates 6.5% of the manure. Proceeds go toward the school lunch program.

And to think this wouldn't have happened if that one farmer hadn't stood up and yelled, "You ain't taxing sh_t!"

...if the state encouraged people to take up animal husbandry..

there would be more sh**, and more perverts??

...if the state encouraged people to take up animal husbandry..

Is the WVA or something?

Their currency is the tenge? Somehow, I'm not inspired to invest.

Sumtimes, when a person critter is older, the mere act of "eliminating byproducts" can be a very taxing experience ... merely heard that sumwhere ...

Ssshh. Don't tell the Dems.

So... the more social legislation Washington produces, the richer Kazakhstan gets.

A no-bull idea!

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