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March 09, 2012


Women who have just finished ovulating 'are best at spotting snakes'

(Thanks to Ralph, who asks, "Trouser snakes?")


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Another untapped skill that we women possess.

Although, of course, many snakes come already spotted. Even so, it's an impressive skill, and somewhat dangerous, especially if the snake doesn't want to be.

There are a couple of ways this could be interpreted.
I don't think I want to engage any of them.

Prolly a wise decision, Steve ...

... becuz we really don't need any more references to "spotted d!ck" hereabouts, do we?

One time I brought a dead snake into the house. I'm guessing my wife ovulated....after all the screaming was done. She did spot it quickly.

Er, just how long after one "finishes ovulating" does this ability last? I mean, it's been a few years...

*wanders off to find geezer bus*


Are you still sleeping in the backyard with the dog?

Just askin'.

Two weeks before ovulating is when women are best at killing snakes. Or any male that ventures into their path.

I'm pretty good at spotting them before and during too.

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