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March 31, 2012


Woman injured in hollandaise spill

(Thanks to Bill Moore and Joe in Japan)


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At Christmas, she can go home for the hollandaise...

she must've hit the asparagas

♪ Follow the yellow slick road ... ♫

And yet so-called Homeland Security does nothing?

Didn't Hollandaise Spill open for Strawberry Alarm Clock?

We're gonna need more Eggs Benedict.

She might get a ticket for DUI if she tells police
"I was fine till I hit the sauce...

I'm surprised they used butter on the road
in the sauce. Everyone should be traveling
eating lighter these days...

Hollandaise ... and she had an eggcident ...

The farmer was going to feed the hollandaise to h1s animals? Over what?

*reaches up and makes the "1" an "i"*....

I'm sure the whole thing was eggstreamly frightening.

Sniff. Oil? Everyone knows real hollandaise is made with butter. No wonder it was rejected.

Bad benedict.

Presaucing dinner.

France is reportedly considering its response,

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