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March 12, 2012


Designer makes shoes from horses' hooves


(Thanks to Ralph)


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The perfect gift for Camilla.

For the Hoofer In You! PS They haven;t forgot you either, Heifers!

A Mooving, Hosre-ing and Goat-tique Foot Boatique!

Takes her a week?

Any self-respectin' and halfway adequate taxidermist I know (and I know several) would take about 20 minutes to finish that part of the job ... sounds as if she's paddin' the expense account ...

She won't get far ....

Send her to the glue factory.

So ... this fashion designer is actually pitching horseshoes, eh?

She's making shoes from "dead animal parts."
That's really convenient because in my experience if you use any part of a live animal, it objects.
Sarah Jessica Parker should stay away from these.
People would say, "Thought so."

Do you need to take these shoes to a blacksmith to be shod?

sorry butt they look like whoreshoes to me

Can she count to five?

Frankly, these are no more hideous and impractical (though quite a bit more expensive) than "real" shoes being hailed as some designer's latest masterpieces: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/object/article?f=/c/a/2012/03/11/LVQK1NDL83.DTL&object=%2Fc%2Fpictures%2F2012%2F03%2F08%2Flv-shoes11_ph_SFC0107462320.jpg

Hoof arted.

Bride of Beelzebub?

Funny, you've showed something like this before.

Any woman wearing those must be hot to trot.

i dunno - they don't look too stable

Be a little more open minded - take the blinders off.

No word about the fact that she gets her dead animals, including horses from her butcher?

too easy:

"Honey, does this skirt make my butt look too big?"

"No, but those hoof shoes make you look like a horse's arse."

I've known some women I was sure had cloven hooves.

Uh, All leather shoes are made from dead animal parts.

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