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March 31, 2012


Two thirds of British women use their cleavage to get ahead in life finds Wonderbra poll


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2/3 is quite a bit.

And how could you possibly doubt a study sponsored by Wonderbra?

I'm sure the statistical sampling was significant, Betsy. If you examine the curves, including the tails, the data look quite robust.

The other 1/3 are flat out of luck.

Isn't this from the same country where society men used to stuff their knickers?

And how could you possibly doubt a study sponsored by Wonderbra?

Exactly, Betsy. Only a boob would think so.

The research also investigated women's attitudes to cleavage and revealed that two thirds of British women are happy to show off their cleavage as it makes them feel feminine and sexy, and gives them more confidence.

The other third of women are men? This is how that
stereotype got started.

I'm not surprised. How do you think I kept all my male patients alive?

You are a saint, nursecindy. Bless you.

It is a great comfort, n'cin', to know that there are Healthcare Professionals still on the job who are willing to go beyond the usual parameters in order to provide outstanding (!) health care to their patients.

That's funny. Well, that is one way to keep male patients alive.

The other third are refrigerator repairmen.

You're welcome guys. I'm not a saint. Just a dedicated professional.

Plumbers have the biggest cleavage, only it usually doesn't get them ahead or a date.

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