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March 15, 2012


3:26 p.m. A bicycler on Highway 2 East flagged down an officer and asked if he could shoot at cars that swerve at him. The officer said no, he shouldn’t do that.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"A Chihuahua and a greyhound ran freely together on Plentywood Drive..."

I blame the Obama administration

I want to party in Hungry Horse.

"An intoxicated man and his pistol scared his neighbors when he shot a few rounds into the ground. He said he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, he said he was just trying to have some fun."

More of our precious rights, etc.

Montana is the only state where bicycles come with gun racks as standard equipment.

"2:07 p.m. Dogs on Kienas Road have been running at large for four years."
They must be tired and hungry by now!

Dude, you forgot to say "may I" to the officer.

3:58 p.m. Reportedly, people in Kalispell have been “tweaking.”
This is just the last straw. Our rights are slowly being taken away and we might as well just shred the constitution. Exactly what is "tweaking" anyway?

I don't remember Jack Webb handling any of these type of cases on DRAGNET.

2:18 p.m. Three squatters were seen pedaling their bicycles down Highway 2 East.

3:25 p.m. A kid was found squatting in the bushes off of Highway 2 East shooting his BB gun toward traffic.

The sure do a lot of squatting in Flathead County.

Well, duh. If the squatters owned a car, they could live in it and wouldn't have to squat.

Well, back to hand grenades, then.

Squatting Pedaler wbagnfa naked man's yoga position

nursecindy: I had to look it up; apparently it's related to the madness of a meth OD.

*snork* @ ligirl

I'm not sure which would be more disturbing to see in a naked men's yoga class -- squatting or tweaking.

What I want to know is, what the 2-year-old found alone on Fifth Avenue East @ 5:59pm on 3/8 was wondering about. And how come this incident gets less ink than just about anything else on the blotter?

For a graphic illustration of "tweaking," see the mug shot in the Sardinia, OH article, from several days earlier.

Fun facts to know and tell: meth users cost their various states big bucks in prison dentistry, since they develop a huge taste for Mountain Dew and rot their teeth with it. Must be true: heard it on NPR.

Well, it's a good thing the biker asked. And also a good thing no one trusts me within five miles of a QA Helpline or Dispatch Service.

"As long as you just mean to scare them."
"Just make sure to use soft bullets. We wouldn't want any permanent damage"

"Well, Newt GIngrich and Rush Limbaugh said 'shoot to kill' but Mitt Romney isn't sure how he feels yet. I hope that helped."

Hotbed of crime. Tweet, don't tweak. Those dogs got the Debbel in them.

DANG! Police are just not fun anymore!

As a bicyclist I can understand the guy's question and frustration. There are a lot of idiots on the road who either completely ignore bicycles and give them no room, or psychos who try to run you off the road intentionally for fun. I've wanted to let a couple bursts off at a number of drivers in the past, although an anti-tank missile might be more effective.

As someone who gave up bicycling after getting hit by a car, I understand why someone might want to do this. As a driver who has sometimes had to drive very very slow because the bicyclists were in the driving lane, and I didn't have enough room to swerve safely around them for miles until finally there weren't any oncoming cars, I can understand a certain amount of hostility toward some bicyclists.

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