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March 27, 2012


Presenting the Squirrel-Tracking Water Cannon.

(Thanks to Ric Williams)


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Hmmmmmm ... this looks familiar ... where ... when ...

Oh. I know ... except we din't use water guns ... BB guns when we wuz younger, and then genuine eradicatory ordnance once we grew old enuf to handle a .22 ...

Of course the misses kinda wrecked the bird feeders ...

I like that he uses Python to program the anti-squirrel cannon.

Inquiry from France on line 2.......

Already forwarded to nerd son. I can't wait for our next visit to see his version.

And he is a BRAVE man, I mean, a "hello Kitty" sticker on his laptop?

It'd be more effective with really strong (although
harmless) citric acid or a pepper-based spray.

Those darn guys at WikiLeaks -- I told them this was classified!!

DARPA on line three ... North Korea on line four ... FBI at the door ... Looks like a busy day. Can someone handle the call from France?

I watched the whole presentation. This guy definitely knows his stuff and has some valuable lessons learned for the next generation of squirrel water cannon (pressurized water reservoir with larger reserve).

Oh, and I loved his motivation: the squirrels were ruining his garden. Taking one bite from a peach and throwing it to the ground, taking one bite from a pumpkin and leaving it to rot on the vine (complete with picture of his distraught children holding said pumpkin).

They don't sell shotguns anymore...?

Clankie -- A rather "new" item on the scene is the hand cannon named "The Judge" ... sales are booming (pun intended, of course), especially among urbanites and suburban dwellers ... (It utilizes either solid or shotgun ammunition)

With lower-powered loads, it would seem to me to be ideal for any sorta program to debilitate, decimate or destroy the depredationariness of squirrels in the back yard ... merely tryin' to help, here ...

Remington Subsonic .22 Long Rifle rounds make less noise than a nail gun. Skin squirrel and sell to China as cat hair. Be organic and sustainable and eat squirrel stew. Your ancestors did. Or roll in cornmeal and fry in bacon grease: Everything tastes good that way. Even crow. Don't ask.

Joe C. ... even Mudhens ... or so I've heard ... and Muskrat ... don't ask ... even Coyote ... don't EVER ask ...

The Gamo Whisper is just about perfect for de-squirrelizing the neighborhood. It's a pellet gun with a built-in suppressor.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Will ... or everybuddy will want one ... (I've already got to "regular" ones, so not quite ready to open the checkbook for one more ... but the next one will be that one ...)

I'll just let my Yorkies loose on them.

Gee, I forwarded this to my son and now he's giving away mom's squirrel recipe on the internet?

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