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March 28, 2012


Drunk woman calls 911 to say she was lost in woods, did not know where to urinate

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I was more interested in the article at the bottom about Naughty School Girl Night.

Check out the mugshot photo slideshow for some good laughs!

Have you ever SEEN the woods in Florida?
Neither has she, apparently.

If only we could hear those 9-1-1 tapes....

... um ... minor technicality here ... if the handgun wuz in the cooler, she wuzn't "carrying" it ... and even if the FL law includes that provision, I'm thinkin' that the front yard is "private property" and therefore exempt ...

But yeah, she needed sum intervention ...

From what I Have read about the critters in Fla. I wouldn't want my bare bottom exposed in the woods there.

She's 32?

Why didn't she just ask a bear? Or the pope?

That would be a waste of resources, Omni. She only needed to urinate.

DO NOT pee on a rattlesnake in Florida.
They don't enjoy the experience.

She couldn't see the forest for the pees.

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