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March 31, 2012


Today is Bunsen Burner Day.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Woo HOOO! Get out that igniter and set your chem class on fire!!!!!

The Bunsen Burner is handy in the lab but it doesn't make for a very exciting national day by any means.

I remember the good old days in the Chemistry lab. Lighting my Bunsen Burner, smelling the asbestos pad (cough, cough), and somehow managing to burn half my shirt off (true story) during one class. The teacher made sure to keep my Bunsen Burner flame low after that.

No wonder Beaker is hiding.

Let's get lit!


You will like this. In had a teacher who had CIPA and would reach over the Bunsen burners all of the time.

He had scars all over his arms. We had to tell him a tell him that he was burning.

Mikey, I was just relieved it wasn't my hair! I only made that mistake one time because it was very embarrassing. Also my mom got really mad because it was a new shirt.

I hated the nerdy goggles and we had to tie our hair back, but watching our teacher cook, literally, was creepy.

"What is that smell?"

"Uh, Mr. B, that is you."

didn't Bunsen also make the first coffee karafe's that are a fixture in many offices and homes?

If he did, I for one am thankful...

We had a gal who pointed the test tube the worng direction (the old "O2 & Water" procedure), and it kinda sorta blew up (no glass shattered, but it wuz like a mini-cannon ... directle @ the teacher's face ... he (and we) got lucky on that one ...

n'cin' ... I'd really appreciate seein' sum fotos of that episode of y'all with the burnt-off shirt ... please?

Bunsen Day is a gas, but I'm waiting for the Erlenmeyer celebration.

>> Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen <<

I'll bet he barely made it through junior high alive.

There was a cartoon villain during my childhood who used to say, "They laughed when I sat down on my Bunsen burner." He was a mad scientist of some sort -- maybe one of the lesser villains that Moose and Squirrel had to confront? Can't remember.

The line was a riff on an ad for dubious music lessons: "They laughed when I sat down at the piano."

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