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March 31, 2012


Mr. Pat Monahan, one of the founders of the World Famous Lawn Rangers of Arcola, Ill., of which this blog is a proud member, sent this photo of an ad for a local restaurant:



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They can just leave my butt alone! What the heck is a buscuit? Is it a biscuit that you only eat on public transportation? Blog guys, hold onto your pork.

7 days a week too! Or Monday-Sunday. Whichever comes first.

nc, it's a biscuit so large it's made in a bucket.

*Girds loins*

do they pork butts?

but will they smoke your pork and pull your butt?

I imagine it'd be more pleasant than having cement or
silicone injected to one's butt...

Dinner AND a show.

Similar to sum meat company trucks I'e seen ...

The lettering sez: "You can't beat our meat!"

ISIANMTU! (Sadly, no fotos ... it wuz on the LA freeway, & no camera handy.)

Why would I want the farmer's breakfast? Especially if he already ate it?

O the Umanity, that's the Culver City Meat Co.


TNX, MUCHLY, frederic 1943 ... I lollered every time I saw one of their trucks ... wished I'd've had a chance for a foto op ...

Promises, promises...

well at least they didn't pork my butt...

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