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March 27, 2012


Glad Tidings Assembly of God stages mock kidnapping of youth group — but failed to warn parents

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.

Details at 11.

God requires assembly? Are there instructions (NOT furnished by this pastor)?

I'd surmise that the parents have now been "warned" ... since the "explanation" has hit the media and 'net ... merely wonderin' how long the fat biker will remain @ that location ...

(Our county does a similar "disaster drill" biannually ... but participants include LEOs, ambulance & EMS persons, and the entire region knows it's not real ... despite the realistic nature of events ... c'mon people, does common sense vanish when one travels east of the Mississippi River?) (Rhetorical question ... it certainly seems to disappear ...)

This "pastor" needs shock treatment. Anyone have a cattle prod which they aren't currently using?

Ha! @ funny man

Seriously, though, this is messed up. That pastor and others involved in the drill need to go.

Why wouldn't this be considered domestic terrorism? If someone staged a "mock kidnapping" in public, I'd expect them to be arrested and charged. Let's put this pastor out to pasture!

Informing parents? How about seeking their permission? (Not that I would urge it be granted ....)

Aw, nevermind. What could possibly go wrong, anyway?

Mrs. Jones? Yes, we have some Glad Tidings for you. We've reduced our ransom demands ...

Good thing those kids didn't have concealed carry permits, eh?

(My guess is they'll be packin' from now on, though.)

(OK ... to get vaguely serious fer a moment or so ... as to the kids havin' CCW permits ... mostly, states won't grant 'em until a person is 18 or older ... HOWever ... it's not unknown for sum parents to supply kids with protective devices when such might be skatin' on thin ice, legally speakin' ... so, yeah ... not necessarily that the kids might've had actual ordnance, but could've easily had pepper spray, mace, taser, or other medium-nasty means of self-protection ... yeah, this scenario could've (almost literally) blown up in the faces of the perpetrators ...)

Clearly, someone mocked things up.

What exactly was the point of the charade? Even if the parents would have been informed, it still seems like a terrible idea.

By the time I was sixteen, I knew at least one way to seriously hurt and possibly kill someone using only a free hand.
I've never had to use that knowledge but there was reason I learned it.
Would one of those kids be forgiven?

Oh, Major Scandal, Steve ... I wouldn't blame the kid at all, considerin' the general way of Life Its Ownself out there in the Real World today ... but ... even Hollywood has used this premise once in a while, so I could see it happenin' and then the "kidnapers" would exclaim in a horrified voice, "But ... it wuz only role-playing!"

Too late, the Phalarope ... or whutever ...

Dumbass. Fatty would have a fat lip if it was my kid.

BTW, the move involves the throat just south of the vocal cords.

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