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March 27, 2012


Alicia Silverstone chews her son's food for him

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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I could understand if her name was Robin.

To paraphrase Gilbert Gottfried-"I usually have to pay extra for that".

Sometimes life imitates Saturday Night Live skits -- Juliana Margolies and the Regurgitating Family.


"Clueless" ... sez a lot ...

OTOH, yeah, Elon ... I think of the mama Robin catchin' wurms and then flyin' back to the nest, and regurgitatin' the crawlies up and out an into the kiddies' beaks and penguins do it with fish into their hatchlings mouths ... and ...

Y'know ... "Birdbrain" sez a lot, too ...

From Clueless to chewless.

"Hi Leetie!!!!"

As for Ms Silverstone - I would just like to thank all my blog friends for being so nice to me all these years. It seems I'll be dying now, cuz I've finally heard everything.


I just sent that in too late.

Best Performance in the role of a Robin by a Hollywood nutjob actress goes to...

she also digests and excretes it for him.

I'd wager that she also thinks it don't stink, eh, Wolfie?

If this kid needs his mochi chewed up for him, he needs to see a dentist. I don't care how old he is, he's got problems.

Sounds like the old Prechewed Food skit on SNL with Chevy Chase.

"Oversharing" covers every conceivable aspect of this.

Most rich people just hire an illegal to chew their food for them.

I'm gonna miss Punkin. Who names a kid Bear Blu?

Punkin, while the internet is an ever-expanding lifeform, I don't think you'll have seen everything for a few more years... until we hit "critical internet."


The mind ....

The mind ....is ....

What's the word? ....

The .... mind ....



*mindlessly waves to leetie*

*Waved to Leetie on another thread ... waves again*

This kid is gonna grow up someday and decide which nursing home to put his mama in. just sayin'

Celebrity cud. Bottle it and some fool will buy it.

Now if it was bacon you could understand, right Leetie?

*gets up off floor, dusts self off*

Fine. I'll stay, but I have a feeling I'm not gonna like it.

Shush, Punkin ... have sum bacon ...

Wait, Punkin, don't THUD yet! She also uses a potty training method known as Elimination Communication wherein she can "sense" when her kid needs to go and then dangles him over the toilet. Trufax.

Heeeeey, Leetie!

I agree with Jeff. Nutjob. Idiot. She played Batgirl, but was really batty.

Another argument in favor of licensing parents.

She feeds the kid mochi?? Ugh. Time to call Child Protective Services. I can remember buying what I thought was a chocolate-filled pastry and being horrified to find it was mochi-filled instead.

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