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March 30, 2012


You can get herpes from coral.

(Thanks to wiredog)


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To be fair, it might mean chickenpox, which is called herpes zoster in Bio class.

Coral needs to see a doctor.

As if sharks were not enough.

Coral's got herpes?

Whut about her sister, Yvonne?

I just read the paper. They're not herpes. They're viruses with similar structure to those of herpesviridae. Talk about misleading articles.

Daddy, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

how do you put condoms on coral?

Did you see the babe in that picture? Coral porn. Finest kind.

You mean the face of the author? Cause I think that is a dude. NTTIAWWT

I read the headline as "You can get herpes from oral".

Oral, too?

Moral: Don't do oral with coral.

aHA! - & those 'choral arrangements' look so innocent

I blame Jersey Shore.

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