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March 29, 2012


TSA officers charged with trashing South Beach hotel room, shooting gun


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Been there. Done that.

Of course it was Miami.

Where else?

Isn't this how TSA "officers" depressurize after a hard long day of groping passengers, looking at nude xrays, and even examining shoes? How much "torture" do you expect our fine TSA personel to go through, really?

Actually, I hope they throw the book or two at these clowns....

Great. Now we're gonna have to pay a fortune for the next trend - shot up jeans.

Punkin ... send me yer jeans ... I'll shoot 'em up fer a nominal fee ... shipping and handling and ordnance rental/ammo extra, and "professional advice" charges ... of course ...

TSA holds its employees to the highest professional and ethical standards. These guys will be reassigned to "light duty"-- standing at the podium shining that little light on people's ID cards, while their cases are investigated.

Just the sort of guys you want waiting beyond the scanner to test their grip on your junk.

Boy, when those TSA guys snap, they really... are a heck of a lot more fun than they usually are.

ooh ooh I got a better one!

This is what happens when the TSA guys and the JetBlue pilots have their annual get-together.

High fives pad!

Anybody else have some questions about that 'hurricane' resistant window giving way to a .380?

And one of the guys denied the whole thing? Said the story was 'untrue?' So the window was broken by hail, the shell casing must have been left there by the cleaning staff, and the bric-a-brac ran away with the spoon committed suicide by jumping out the broken window? Ok, then ...

Oh, great, now they'll get promoted.

"Investigators went to the mens’ room and then took them to police headquarters."

Not sure why the investigators' bathroom needs merited reporting here, but what do I know?

Feel good story. Especially the thought of two TSA jackasses getting that cavity search...several times prior to booking. It's nice to know our air security is in the hands of geniuses like them.

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