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March 30, 2012


Today is National Cleavage Day. Or maybe it's tomorrow. So just in case, everyone with cleavage should celebrate both days, which by God they know how to do over in England.

(Thanks to jon harris and funny man)


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So where are the &$%#@@^! fotos in that first link?

Great. What do I get to see on Oxford Street when I'm in London? Taxi strikes. Could they celebrate "Parade down the street in your lingerie day" when I'm there? Of COURSE not.


From what I've seen, it's cleavage day everyday in Miami. Oops, I mean, so I've been told.

I just hope this doesn't also apply to butt cleavage. Even when it's a sexy woman... ewww.

Down in the valley, the valley so low, hang your head over and take in the show...

Honnnneee, every day is cleavage day in my house (and office, and... wherever i am)
just stop staring.

i'm up for it, & expect all you men to 'salute'!

Does this mean Judi's not fired?

Lots of Googling names in the list...

Now THERE'S a demonstration I wouldn't mind "occupying", IYKWIM...

Thank you, Dave. We need more uplifting stories like these.

... Uplifting and separating.


C'mon, America. Let's meat meet this British challenge with our own valley-ant troops.

No Cleavage Day would be valid without honoring Jayne Mansfield in that famous photo with Sophia Loren.


I heard of Jane Moosefeld. I assume Mansfield is the original?

That evening at Romanoff's produced a series of pictures, Rose, but the one on my mind is this. NSFW if anyone is at work.

The first article said that Wonderbra created the holiday in 2012. You mean I missed all those years?

Yeah, Horace ... but that one crops out the "look" Sophia wuz castin' askancely @ the impending ... um ... fallout ...

Not all the participants in the English event looked particularly happy. Couldn't they pick a warmer time of year for this sort of thing?

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