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March 30, 2012


Beer-drinking dog receives Kiwi hero medal


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Strange, in the US, a dog owner giving his companion beer would be investigated.
I don't drink but if facing an honest-to-goodness Puritan, my first impulse would be to laugh.
My second would be to grab a beer.

Guinness (the dog) has a namesake that lives with us, tho ours is a lot smaller (only about 20 kg, to use their vernacular) ... but this one seems a bit impatient (I know the feeling ... at times the first sip is the best) ... one should let the Black Stuff "settle" ... let the crown form completely ...

But since he darn near outweighs Moi Ownself, I'd not begrudge him that first, tasty, sip ... even if it is a bit early ...

Guinness looks like a great dog to me.

snork @ "I think he will take it in this stride and as I think I have said it may increase his chances at the dog park with the bitches..."

Maybe, Dan, but I hear after two beers he gets mean,
slurs his barks, and has trouble controlling his bladder.

But it does drive the bitches wild. something about pheremones.

He's an Irish wolfhound and he enjoys a strong stout, drinking pints of Guinness beer with ease.

Looking at the photo, I'm more impressed that he can balance a full margarita glass on his head.

Let's see 20kg (divide by, no multiply by , carry the pi) That would be 44 lbs.

I would let it have its beer, O.

funny man, also feels the need to call old girlfriends at 3 AM.

Oopsy! My Error! (Haven't been studyin' my Metric System with Doug and Bob MacKenzie enuf) ...

Try 30 kg ... he's a Basset, and weighs about 66 # ...

I apologize for my most egregious miscalculation.

funny man, also feels the need to call old girlfriends at 3 AM.

Because nothing turns us on more than to be woken up by an old drunk boyfriend on the phone.
I have an ex-boyfriend that gave beer to my chihuahua several years ago. btw, my little chihuahua died last week at the age of 18 and I miss her!

So sorry, cindy. She's gone to that great dog park in the sky, I'm sure.

Good dog!

Did you put him to sleep, cindy? I mean the old boyfriend of course.

He's gonna need a designated dog walker.

Cool dog.


Easy, easy. As we know, corporations are people, so even spam bots are probably going to get first amendment rights soon.

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