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March 27, 2012


Help is here.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Animal cruelty laws may prohibit any comments involving the words catapault or trebuchet

Paw recognition button. Biometrics for bulldogs.

Instead of a rough landing, here's a photo of Ruff, on the landing.

Doggie thought bubble: "This is SO frikkin humiliating. Kill me now."

If the portly pooch can jump in the chair then he can climb the stairs.

I just knew all this exercise hype was just baloney.

It'd be a lot less pricey to not buy the lift, and cut down on the dietary intake ... but that makes too much sense ...

This would appear to be merely one more step/pawn in the world of "status bragging thru pet toys" ...

How many times can the sun set on an empire?

It would seem, based on the design, that you can not have one for obese pets and one for lazy stair-challenged adults also.

If you buy either you might as well cut off the legs.
Nature says what you don't use you loose.

And why would ya want an obese pet upstairs anyway?
Ya need the upstairs carpet urine stained also?

MtB ... every day, it would seem ...

Couple times a day, at least, in Brittania.

At least ... yah, tho there are sum genuinely nice folks over there, a huge chunk of the population simply does not seem to be able to get their heads out of the 18th century attitude of Empirical Entitlement ... ah, well ... the Irish will take care of things ... (if the Celtic Tiger ever is revived)

"Their mark on this land is still seen and still laid
The way for a commerce where vast fortunes were made
The supply of an Empire where the sun never set
Which is now deep in darkness, but the railway's there yet."
P. Gaston

Where is the poet to sing of the literally, um, dozens, of underpaid Irish laborers who died putting in doggie escalators for their English masters? Huh, where? I ask you.

I'll try to look him up when we go back to Ireland next year, Omni' ...

OtH, if you do, see if the Pogues want to cover "Doggie Escalator" for him. Could be as big a hit as "The Sick Bed of Cúchulaínn."

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