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March 29, 2012


Man in a sombrero wearing a boxing glove jumps on Sacramento cop car and shouts his name


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Was it "Zorro!"?

Suspicion of being drunk in public???

He was wearing a puffy shirt jacket?


One of my all time favorite bluesmen, Willie Bigeyes Smith.

Stupid. Everybody knows when you put on a puffy jacket and jump on a police car you're supposed to scream someone else's name.

hey, let's all laugh at the mentally ill person!

Having a few friends who are in the constabulary, I suspect that all of them will be trying to arrange court appearances to be able to watch the officer involved in the arrest testify.

Defense Attorney: After you detained my client, did you check the vicinity for other individuals with buggy eyes, a puffy jacket, sombrero and one boxing glove?

He was also screaming something about someone stealing his front lawn.

He felt the urge, and didn't know it meant he'd really better "run for the border". Officers would not comment of the evidence "left behind" or from the behind.

So it can get you arrested? (hides sombrero and boxing glove)

Let he who has never been tempted to do this, cast the first stone.

mud - I think we were all laughing at the drunk person. And the person with the googly eyes.

We would never laugh at the mentally ill - since we're all quite unstable ourselves.

I wondered where I left that boxing glove-wearin' sombrero ...

It's California. The guy was on his way to an interview -- or a press conference.

The pope looked awful stylish in his sombrero when he was in Mexico the other day, but I don't think this guy has what it takes to pull off that look.

Yeah, pad' ... the pope doesn't have a moustache ...

(I'm a dues-payin' RC ... I can make papal jokes without fear of Divine Retribution ... well, not much fear, ennyway ... )


I agree, Punkin. "Suspicion of being drunk in public???"
Judge: Sir, did you or did you not commit suspicion?
And, do they triple your sentence if you're downright paranoid?

Chill, Mud. Unless you either a) knew this guy or b) this is a photo of you. Remember, this is a humor blog.

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