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March 30, 2012



Update: Apparently this link is no longer working. Rest assured that steps will be taken, in the form of firing judi.


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I hope they give you a chance to solo...

but isn't it expensive taking the Miami to London air express back and forth?

For some reason the page you are trying to access http://www.eastbourneherald.co.uk/lifestyle/what-s-on/music/line-up-should-be-a-treat-for-jazz-fans-1-3683170 is currently unavailable.

I got the same thing, poker. I don't understand all that technical jargon such as "for some reason."

No stairway. Or link for that matter.

The page you requested is currently unavailable.

Bet it was someone with a name like Long Dick Wang or something and the strict policy kicked in.

Maybe this is the gig Dave's playing instead:


Or he could be holding out for "Manilow Karaoke Night."

Here's the link.



I saw Page Unavailable open for Zappa.

*SMACKS* wiredog. I'm also getting a 'page unavailable' message.

Dave is obviously playing hard to get to incite interest among fans.

I thought Page Unavailable was a Tweet from Congress.

The Bone Supremacy is the original target of the broken link.

Dave,if you fire judi, it will cost you twice as much and a lot of begging to get her back!

I'm sure that whatever it is, if Dave's involved, it's wonderful.

It's been awhile since Judi's been fired. I wonder if she remembers how to blackmail Dave with those photos apply for jobs?

"Floating Chair" ... din't they open for Neil Diamond?

Is this an early April Fool's joke?

The page you requested is currently unavailable

For some reason the page you are trying to access
3683170 is currently unavailable.

From here you can visit our homepage or go back to the page you were last on.

So if judi is fired for crashing the Eastbourne Herald server, will her job be outsourced to India, or will some illegal undocumented immigrant take over?

Wiredog you are evil and must be destroyed.

Either Judi broke the herald and must be fired, or the performance was so bad rockin' that it would have overwhelmed us all and therefore had to be hidden.

Or something.

Wiredog, not falling for that one.

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