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March 29, 2012


Ancient Ichthyosaur Mother Did Not Explode

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Did not explode?
Then why was her Ichthy so sore?

Her ichthy was itchy.

And aren't these people SCIENTISTS??? And their first answer was "She must have exploded."????

For some reason this story reminds me of my favorite dirty joke. It starts out when an older lady is at the grocery store and mentions to the handsome bag boy that a certain part of her anatomy, another word for cat, is itchy. I can't repeat it all here but the punchline is "Lady, you'll have to point it out. All those foreign cars look alike to me." Give me a break. It's the only dirty joke I know.

Of course the mother didn't explode, that was dad's job. Especially when junior didn't do him homework or chores.

I'll take 'Say Ichthyosaur three times fast' for $2000, Alex.

If someone called me an ancient Ichthyosaur mutha, I'd explode, too. Unless they were suggesting a name for a band or a law firm.

n'cin' ... I could help expand yer supply of "dirty jokes" ... (if I could remember any of 'em I've heard fer the past *mumblerumble* years ...) but that wouldn't be polite ... so I won't ...

I prefer to continue to believe that she did explode. It's just more exciting that way.

So, for once, we can't blame...Taco Bell?

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