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February 29, 2012


DUI driver with sex toy in tush rear-ends other driver

(Thanks to Steve [The Other Steve] Lancaster)


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He'll be very popular as Anus Boy, the new meat in Cellblock Five.

Butt, butt officer!

I wonder what Steve [The Other Steve] Lancaster was looking for when he found this? NTTAWWT.

We saw The Tushy Toys open for the Sex Pistols

Key quote:

The length, girth and color of the "sexual anus plug in his rectum" was not listed in the affidavit. Also not specified was the make and model of the plug and an explanation of how it ended up in his bottom.

No model number??? What if there's a product recall???

DUI and Buttplug wba ... well, perty disgustin' no matter how many perty werds y'all use to describe it ...

Rear end was definitely on his mind here. It must of been the alcohol

I think we need to examine our lives after speding some of our precious time on earth reading this.

Is it safe to infer the drinking had more to do with the "rear ending" than what was in his own rear end?

Always glad to find out that Floridians take seriously the need to get in shape for their visits to the county jail.

Another " Fantasy Island " script reject.

This would be a more exciting story if he had run over the aforementioned fire hydrant for which the plumber stripped!

and he thought all his problems were behind him...

Guilt by innuendo?

Pity the poor sheriff's deputy who has to clean out that backseat.

He obviously was hoping the plug would buy him time to get home and get to the crapper. The unfortunate delay in the police car foiled his plans, however.

He was on his way to the Bung Recreation area

My guess is Vermont. People are soooo gross there.

Strangely, it doesn't say if he was naked.


Just trying to share the love, as it were.

Clankie and PirateBoy, I'm still laughing out loud.

Pretty sure I've never had a BAC that high because I'm still alive.
I don't believe this is his first rodeo, as witnessed by that saddle horn stuck in his netherlands.

whoa. that dude's 41? he's been rode hard and put away wet i'd say.

Rectum? He nearly killed 'em!

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