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February 29, 2012


Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years


(Thanks to Jeff Renner)

Cool Place We Never Heard of Before: Ball's Pyramid.


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Going to take a lot of chocolate to cover those things...

We're gonna need a bigger can of Raid.

Where, they wondered, did that poop come from?

If I had a nickle...

Tree lobster? Yum. We're going to need lots of melted butter.

I'm a bit surprised that Dave linked this story, considerin' the name of that "local ranger" ...

OTOH, a quote is sumwhut interestin': .
" ... almost instant. ... up and walking around within a couple of hours."

If that's "almost instant" then I guess guys don't really hafta worry too much about the "four-hour warning" dealie in those ads for blue pills, eh? I mean ... twice that amount of time couldn't really be much longer than a couple of instants ... right?

"showed me photos of how they sleep at night, in pairs, the male with three of his legs protectively over the female beside him."

Aww. That is almost adorable.

I'd much rather have the insects than the rats.
I was camping many years ago in what turned out to be some stick insect pathway.
I was amazed to see that instead of walking under my chair, each one that came to me walked up the chair and over me, then down.
Now, why did that just remind me of my wife in a department store?

This is related to the Snooki pregnancy story, right?

THAT is one of the LARGest, MOST inCREDIBLE INSE



*snork* @ ligirl

I think that's the first unibrow emoticon I've seen -- need to squeegie my monitor now, thanks.

We're going to need a bigger rolled up newspaper.

May I suggest the Sunday New York Times, cindy.

Is it just me, or does he bear a resemblence to the alleged Ohio shooter? Not saying he is, or isn't, the same guy, but playing with, and possibly ingesting the
giant bugs might be a clue....

*thot fer a second ligirl wuz pagin' Moi Ownself with that emoticon ... nope ... but close ... (:}O = Ces't Moi! ...*

Is that a soul patch between his eyebrows?

What was the story about? I was distracted by that long sqiggly furry bug on the guy's forehead...


Oh, whew, it is just his eyebrows! Looks like some woolly worm crawled up on his face whilst he was holding those multi-legged creatures for us to find gross and disgusting admire.

Tweezers anyone? Nair? Eyebrow wax? NC?

Let me guess, it was "hiding" in a south Florida restaurant?

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