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February 02, 2012


An intoxicated sailor who walked into the wrong apartment in Bremerton, urinated on the floor and then climbed into bed with an 80-year-old woman probably won't face criminal charges, according to the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office.

(For those of you who don't get the reference: here.)

(Thanks to Cap'n Jeff Meyerson)


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Amazingly, that was my first thought too.

I guess the commenter who said the situation (as opposed to The Situation) was punishment enough was probably right.

Hooray, and up she rises,
...but I'll bet he doesn't.

However, he will be forced to sleep with the 80 year old until he covers "100 hours of elderly service".

"Pierson is stationed at Naval Base Kitsap — Bangor."

... um ... prolly not ...

When's the belly-shaving?

*cringin' @ even the thot of rusty sharpness ennywhere NEAR personal and private ordnance ...*

well, I never never never...!

Pull out the plug and wet him all over. Or not.

Jeff, this Situation would be punishment MORE than enough.

Well, for those of you who have enjoyed the Irish Rovers song--go to Essex, CT to Griswold Inn on Monday night for Sea Chanties Night and have a "dark and foggy night" rum drink. Watch where you go to the bathroom and who you crawl into bed with afterwards, tho..

So apparently "Put him in bed with the captain's daughter" means beat him senseless with a whip. The makes sense. What would the captain's daughter be doing on the ship? And if she was, he probably wouldn't let even a sober sailor near her.

Poopdeck Pappy's apartment was down the hall...?

Ack, thanks for the earworm y'all!

As a former drunkensaylor, I say the lady was beggin' for it!

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